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Our candles are 100% natural and eco-friendly, containing soy wax and beeswax and no paraffin! This means that they are much better for the environment than paraffin candles, and soy candles burn cleaner too! Soy wax is made from soy beans, unlike paraffin which is a crude-oil by-product. Soy wax also holds scent better and is non-toxic and non-carcinogenic. Beeswax is added to our candles to prolong burn time and harden the wax. It contains no petrochemicals and burns without soot. Our tealights are made in polycarbonate cups. Polycarbonate is fully recyclable and is made from a natural resource - oil- which provides an excellent yield for plastic recycling facilities.


-All candles are priced and sold in boxes of 6-

*Please note that as all our candles are hand-made, colours may vary from batch to batch

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Handmade in the Wye Valley with love.



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